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I know your time is valuable. So I’ll cut right to the chase. If you’re not in the Google Three-Pack -you’re leaving money on the table. Money that’s being scooped up by your competitors.

So What Is The Google Three-Pack?

The Google Three-Pack (image below) is the Google approved recommendation of the three best businesses for a particular service in a given area.

Also referred to as: “GMB” (Google My Business).

Why Should You Care?

Research has confirmed that 80% of all business leads from the first page of
Google search are generated by the Google Three-Pack.

How Do I Get in The Google Three-Pack?

The first step is to claim your (free) listing for Google Maps. If you haven’t already done this – do it! (What’s not to like about “free?”)

But sadly, just having a Google Maps listing doesn’t automagically transport your business into the three-pack / GMB.

If it were – every business would be there. Wouldn’t they?

“Cracking the code” to the three-pack involves much more than a name, address, telephone number, images, citations, and reviews.

It requires precise technical knowledge of what elements the Google algorithm is looking for.

Now, if you’re thinking I’m going to say: “We’re SEO experts and we can help you get into the three-pack / GMB” – you’re right.

YES, we are SEO experts. Here at, we’ve been helping businesses gain an unfair advantage over their competitors since the internet began!

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Everybody can open a business, but not everbody can take it to the next level. Our local marketing agency is here to help you achieve the results you want in a shorter period of time. No need to waste countless hours to learn what internet marketing is all about, and no need to spend thousands of dollars.

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We take our mission very serious. We already helped hundreds of business owners to sell more and to find the customers they need. 

Image what would be if you could rank on Google in front of your competitors in a matter of weeks or even days? 

That’s right! When it comes to a local business, you need traffic from Google. Posting ads on your city is not affordable and it will bring you less clients.

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